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Product Review: Maman Kangourou Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier

When I first heard the term “baby wearing” it sounded like something out of a horror movie but it quickly became one of the best ways to soothe my baby.

At one of my baby showers, I received the Maman Kangourou Amerigo Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier. When I threw it on my registry, it was something I thought was cool and trendy looking. I knew vaguely that baby wearing was beneficial and it was something T and I joked about, but I didn’t realize just how convenient it would be.

In the first few weeks after Tav was born, I was hobbling around in recovery mode; easing myself out of and into bed, gingerly climbing the stairs and aching whenever I picked him up. I decided that if I was going to get anything done around the house, I needed a way to cradle my newborn and still have the mobility to empty the dishwasher. I pulled out the wrap from our mountain of still-packaged gifts and gave it a go.

The first thing I realized is that it’s one piece of material, not a shirt with a pouch like I originally thought. So, after the initial awkwardness of trying to wrap it around myself without tangling the 5-meter length of fabric, I managed to tuck Tavish in. It was a little daunting to try and wiggle a newborn in there but once he was under the arm folds and the pouch was pulled up to support his neck I had mobility and the comfort of knowing he was secure against me. I had my arms back and felt like a new person.

Now, with his neck control improving, I have him facing outward which keeps a curious boy like him entertained while I’m doing super exciting things like laundry and dishes.

5m is a lot longer than I imagined…

So with that, I’ve compiled a list of my likes and dislikes for anyone looking to add it to their baby gear:

Secure and completely adjustable
You can wear it as tight or as loose as you feel comfortable with and still feel that your baby is secure. At first I didn’t think I could trust fabric to hold my child, but he was snuggled in to the point where I felt comfortable moving around freely. He also wasn’t squished and seemed to really enjoy it in there. The fabric is wide and distributes the weight of your baby evenly so there’s no chaffing on the shoulders, back or hips as your little one gets older (and heavier). There are also four different ways to carry your baby; baby can be forward facing or facing you, carried on your hip or on your back.

Who says mom gear doesn’t have to be cute? I personally like the look of the sleeves on this. The way they drape looks chic and has an airy comfortable feel. Plus, it comes in a variety of different colours. I personally have the Nautical Grey but the others are cute too! I’m a sucker for stripes and it beats the hell out of the backpack/harness looking carriers out there.

Maman Kangourou Amerigo Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier, Navy Blue

This isn’t specifically an item for a newborn, it’s good for kids up to 35 pounds so it grows with them. It’s also got a wicked laundry life and doesn’t lose its stretch and tension after a few washes.

Look out dads! The wrap can fit on guys too! I haven’t had any luck convincing my husband, but there’s always hope.

Maman Kangourou Amerigo Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier, Nautical On Grey

Learning Curve
It takes a while to get the hang of wrapping. I don’t think there should be a huge investment of time for something like this. It should be easy to use and functional within minutes. There were a number of times I ended up twisting one of the ends the wrong way and ended up with material pulling on tender spots. It took observing the diagrams a few times to get the hang of it. Hard to do with a wailing newborn…

However, once you crest that learning curve and can wrap like a pro, the payoff is worthwhile and the initial frustration is easily forgotten.

Once you pull baby out, it’s hard to get him back in without readjusting the entire piece. If baby needs a change halfway through wearing him, it’s easy enough to pull him out, but once you’ve shuffled around trying to find diapers, creams and what-have-you, it doesn’t fit as well as it did in the initial wrap. It’s an easy adjustment once you’re well versed in the method of wrapping, but a pain if you’re still in that learning curve and just trying to get things done.

Overall, it’s a great product. Extremely comfortable, practical and secure without the bulk. It’s got a bit of a price tag on it for a piece of fabric, but it’s a Canadian made product and one that lets the user literally feel the security of their child and be confident in their movements. So whether you’ve heard of baby wearing and want to give it a shot yourself or need a decent gift for a friend’s registry, this wrap is a great option.

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