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Thoughts on our First Christmas and What the Heck do I Buy for a Baby?

Happy one month to Christmas!

Tavish had his first visit with Santa this week. I seem to remember it being a lot more fun as a kid; the excitement of slowly getting closer to the big man’s chair as the line grew shorter, the constant rehearsing of my wish list and the big cheesy smile for a picture that took two weeks to develop. As a new parent, Santa is kind of lacklustre. We stood in a short line (a perk of going in November and living in a small town), had our pictures within minutes and Santa was eerily quiet. I guess it’s hard to think of things to say to a baby.

So dapper!

I’m excited for our first Christmas – to start our own traditions as a family, to plunk him under the tree and watch him gaze in awe at the lights, to sit around and open our first gifts as husband and wife, mom and dad. But, at what will be 5 months, that excitement is really more ours and the family’s than it is his own. As he gets older and starts to understand what Christmas is and who Santa is, he’ll start to understand that excitement and joy. Until then, we’re going through the motions with Santa to build that foundation for his childhood.

Our first Christmas as parents seems to have a lot to do with the responsibility of carrying on and building traditions. It’s already proving to be a unique experience – one I hadn’t considered when we thought of all things baby. On one hand, I want his first Christmas to be a memorable one, to play Santa, leave out cookies and load that tree with gifts for him. On the other hand, I know he won’t remember how many gifts he gets, or what they are, at least not this year. I can almost guarantee he’ll be more interested in the paper than the gift itself.

In hitting the one-month mark to Christmas, I’ve been thinking a lot about the big day and realized just how far behind in shopping I am. (My husband actually has more done than I do…)

It’s a good thing in a way. I can save money and “spoil” him without fear of disappointment.

Knowing that he’ll already be spoiled by the family, I think we’re going to keep the shopping simple and practical this year. I’ve decided to make my Christmas list for Tavish on here to keep things in perspective while I’m out shopping.

My goal, especially with clothes, is to buy the things he’s going to need in the coming months. Lots of summer clothes are on sale close to Christmas, so if I grab him pieces that he can grow into, I’m loading up the tree and saving ourselves money for the next growth spurt.


Stocking stuffers:
Things like baby food, spoons, socks, hats, pacifier and simple toys like rattles or teething rings.

Under the Tree:
Developmental toys
–  The stuff he needs and can grow with – Overhead play mat, stackable rings, sensory toys.

Clothes – Items that he can grow into (6-9 months, 9-12 months, etc.) plus items for next season. Knowing our family, I’m only buying what’s on sale. My thinking here is that it’s something we can spend and save money on now.

Hygiene Essentials – Next size in Diapers, more wipes, Penaten, Vaseline, etc.

This is me stocking up for the colder months and saving a trip outside.

It might not be exciting to open up a pack of wrapped size 4 diapers, but until he knows the difference, it’ll do.

This is a year of firsts for us but I can’t wait for that Christmas morning when we’re woken up by the anxious hollering I so burdened my own parents with.

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