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Product Review: Withings Thermo

I’m a practical kind of girl. I like things that make my life easier, things that work FOR me. My husband knows this and is the same. So when it comes to gift giving, we’re happy to get things like a pair of socks, a toolset or even a thermometer…
Happy is putting it lightly. When I opened this baby on Christmas and found out what it could do, I was THRILLED!

It’s a thermometer yes, but this isn’t a typical stick-under-the-armpit and wait device. Or if you’re fancy, it’s not even a stick in the ear device. In fact, you don’t even need to touch skin.

With an easy swipe near the forehead this little jewel takes an accurate temperature within .5 of a degree in less than 5 seconds. Let that sink in when you’re wrestling an infant to keep a stick under his arm or convincing a toddler to sit still long enough to keep it under his tongue.

Holy crap what a game changer!

Gone are the days of invasive temperature taking. The Thermo takes care of it all and requires zero need for sterilization since it doesn’t even need to touch skin to get a reading.

The Thermo works in tandem with your phone, you set up an account and your family’s profiles (age, gender, height and weight). This allows you to track temperature fluctuations and severity for each person. Extremely useful if you’re tracking your little one’s cold.

Swipe your forehead, you can then swipe though your family’s names on the Thermo and assign that temperature to your family members. The temperature will appear with a green, yellow or red light depending on how severe the temperature is. No guesswork, no conversion.

That’s it. The entire process takes about 5 minutes to setup and seconds for a reading once you’re up and running. I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this.

Handheld, wireless and portable

About the size of a tube of lipstick, no real estate in the diaper bag or purse.

Quick and sanitary

Reads within seconds with no discomfort to your subject. No need for sterilization or cleaning.

Touchless and silent

Accurate reading within .5” from your subject’s forehead and within .5 of a degree. There’s no sound either which is extremely useful when checking on a sick, sleeping baby.

Personalized and self-organizing

Allows for temperature assignment and tracking for each family member with date and time.

Fool-proof reading 

Red, yellow, green light system to identify fevers regardless of Farenheit or Celsius.

Bottom line. This thing is awesome.

It was made for moms and is especially useful if your little one is sleeping with a cold. No need to disturb him, just swipe and go.

I’d never wish for my son to get sick but if he did I feel so comforted knowing I can tend to him quickly without wasting time on traditional temperature taking measures.

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