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​CMR Sampler Review and Other Awesome Free Stuff for Moms

There’s an awesome satisfaction in opening the mailbox and finding samples. Even if it’s something you’ll never buy, it’s fun to try something new with no risk.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for the CMR (Canadian Mother Resource) sampler club and I recently received my box of goodies!

What’s inside?

I chose four items; Raw nuts, Sambucol Cough and Cold, Nabob Coffee (Keurig Cup) and a Kool Aid Jammers pack.

The Kool Aid was quickly snatched up by my husband, the nut and seed mix a quick snack for me and the coffee got me through the next morning. The Cough and Cold medicine I’m not able to take JUST yet what with me still nursing, but it’ll save a few bucks when the time comes.

The first thing I’ll say is that the sample size was a pleasant surprise. The Cough and Cold tablets came in a full pack, the coffee was a standard Keurig pod and the nuts and juice were all normal ‘grocery store’ sized, not promotional ‘not for resale’ size. It was a decent offer, easy to sign up and quick to receive. The only thing I was disappointed with was that none of the items were mom or baby specific. It would be nice to try a new diaper or cream, a soap or lotion. Snacks and medicine, though handy, aren’t exactly helping new moms with their weekly purchases for baby. Don’t get your hopes up for free baby stuff, but check it out here if you want to try something new.

CMR is an awesome site for moms. They’re Canadian so there’s a local ‘feel’ to the stories and tools they have available. Their online community on Twitter is incredible and super supportive with plenty of opportunities for giveaways. Click here to sign up. To get my samples, they sent me an email that allowed me to sign up for the sampler club. Check them out on Facebook too for more ‘live’ giveaways.

On that note, I’ve been on the hunt for freebies since I was pregnant; diapers, creams, breast pads, wipes, you name it.

I found a ton of offers claiming to be free, but only a few that actually turned out to be real offers with a decent return, fewer still that were applicable to Canadians. I’ve signed up for each of these and can verify that as of July 2016 they are active offers:

Nestle Baby – Probably the best freebie out there. I was sent a diaper bag, change pad, liquid and powdered formula and coupons galore. They send the package about 2 – 4 weeks before your due date so if you want it sooner, adjust accordingly. Sign up here.

Similac Club – I always planning on breastfeeding my son for the recommended six months but I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. Especially knowing the price of formula… Similac sent me liquid and powdered formula, a bunch of brochures and coupons. In addition to monthly development guides, they include monthly rebate cheque to put toward a purchase of formula. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s not exactly the most amazing offer, but if your baby takes formula it’ll save you HUGE. Sign up here.

Enfamil – Similar to Similac, a simple sign up form for a one-time free formula offer. Register here.

Huggies – No Baby Unhugged
FREE DIAPERS! I was all over the free diaper giveaways. If I could find a free sample it was usually only in ones or twos, but holy crap, Huggies actually gave me a 72 pack of newborn diapers. They do make you jump through hoops though.

The ‘No Baby Unhugged’ program asks for a photo of your pregnant self to submit before they’ll cough up the nappies. They don’t actually send you a confirmation, so you might need to poke them like I did. After 10+ years in retail customer service I produced a strongly worded email and they got back to me within a day. Worth it if you want to save $20 bucks on a pack of newborn diapers. Click here to check it out.

Thyme Maternity – My first visit to Thyme was for belly bands, y’know, those things that turn every pair of pants into “turkey pants.” When I went to check out I received a giant welcome package with a free bottle, breast pads, diapers and a bunch of coupons for Canon, RW+Co and of course, Thyme. It’s something you actually need to go in to the store for, but totally worth it.

Prenatal Classes – We spent about $120 bucks to go to the hospital for the day, have a tour of the facilities and learn all about how babies come into the word. The course itself was OK, worth it if you’re about to be a new parent. We were given a huge “starter pack” with diapers, coupons, etc.

As a final thought, I will say that as a first-time mom-to-be, you don’t realize how valuable samples and freebies are until you’re in the thick of it. Take advantage, stock up and maintain a steady supply!


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