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Diaper Count: 0 – 6 Months

One of the things I looked up the most when I was close to my due date was how many diapers I would need. I signed up for all the free samples I could, jumped whenever they came on sale at work but still really didn’t have an idea of how many I would need or use. Whenever I’d ask someone they’d just say “lots.”
Well thanks, but “lots” doesn’t help someone who has no idea how much their kid is going to poop.

So, I’ve decided to backtrack and see how many diapers I’ve used in the past six(ish) months. Tavish is 5 ½ months and on Size 4 now – I anticipate the box I have will be used and take me into the 6 month growth spurt.



Amount Pack Size



1 x 36 pack
1 x 88 pack



1 x 120 box
1 x 264 box
1 x 35 pack



1 x 112 box
1 x 72 pack
1 x 222 box



2 x 104 box
2 x 72 pack


314 (to date)

1 x 92 box
1 x 222 box




The cost for everything listed above was approximately $365 CAN before taxes.

A few things to note:

  • Total cost above is based on Pampers Baby Dry pricing from The bulk of our diapers were this brand and category.
  • Not all diapers were used from each pack, I had lots of leftover size 1 and size 2 diapers.
  • Growth spurts and feeding frequency and type will affect diaper consumption.

So that’s what, $2 a day in diapers?

We tried a whack of different brands. Started with Huggies for our newborn sizes then moved to Pampers since we had them on promo at work. I’ve stuck with Pampers Baby Dry since. I had fewer rashes and better absorbency than Huggies or Parent’s Choice.

I mentioned above the growth spurts and feeding frequency affect diaper consumption. You’ll notice between newborn and size 1 the amount more than tripled, (cue first growth spurt). Total consumption remained pretty consistent for the size 2 phase. Between size 3 and 4 we started Tavish on oat cereal and jarred baby food which meant fewer and thicker poops. Also fewer but far stinkier diapers. Fair trade off?

So there you have it. Something to think about if you’re like me and planning on stocking up beforehand or looking to get an idea of how much you’ll need in the long run.

Every baby is different but one thing remains constant: throw a bunch of diaper sizes on your baby registries, hunt for sales and get discounts whenever you can!


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