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Amber necklaces: Brilliant or Bull?

I’ve heard people swear by amber necklaces. We’re in the thick of the teething phase now, wading through puddles of drool and waking at cruel intervals throughout the night to shrieks of agony. It can be maddening some nights. So when I heard about these things, I thought, what the hell? Let’s give it a shot. Anything is better than this.

The working theory behind the necklace is that the oil from Baltic amber is absorbed into the skin and works to ease inflammation on the wearer. Ever the skeptic, I asked my doctor about it – according to her, there is no concrete medical evidence to support the argument that the amber necklace provides pain relief for teething babies. That being said, she tried it with her own kids and found mixed results.

Medical background or not, if there’s something on the market to relieve a screaming child, you better believe a mom will buy it. And why not? $20 is a small price to pay if it works.

Healing Hazel 100-Percent Baltic Amber Baby Necklace Raw Cognac 11-Inch

I have mixed feelings. Though I’m not totally convinced it works, I still put it on him during the day when he’s grumpy or goobering and wrap it around his ankle before bed. For the most part, he seems to quiet right down after it’s on him. But there are some night where he’s absolutely inconsolable. Whether the act of putting it on is an interruption from the screaming fit or the ‘magic amber oil’ is taking effect, it’s a small comfort in the midst of painful teething shrieks.

Definitely worth a try, but don’t expect a miracle.

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