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Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Part II

It’s officially over! No more nursing bras, no more flashing family and friends – our boy is formula fed.

The emotional side I mentioned in part I is gone but not forgotten. Yes, I’ll miss the bonding time but I am loving not being chained to a baby and stuck on the couch all day!
So as we turn the page on this milestone, I have a few observations:

I dreaded the weaning process. I anticipated long nights and hours of tummy aches. In reality, the transition just happened – boob one day, bottle the next. 

I had no idea how much formula he needed or how often. It was a guessing game. I fed him when I ate and made bottles with more than enough, modifying the amount as needed for the next feed. We’ve got a good system going now.

Side note: I mentioned a number of free formula samples in a previous post. They really came in handy at this stage. Using these freebies helped eliminate guilt in wasting expensive formula and allowed us to try different brands. I have all the sign up links in my previous post here.

I worried about sterilization. I thought I’d be spending most of my days cleaning bottles and water. I was relieved when I found out that once baby is on powdered formula, using soap and water is a safe cleaning method. Powder isn’t considered sterile, so sterilizing bottles is a waste of time when your dishwasher does the same job. Even boiled water isn’t necessary for mixing. (You were right mom).

OMG the breast pain. Remember that initial feeling when your milk first came in? Multiply that by ten and subtract the sweet relief of a nursing baby. Every few days I ended up pumping just enough to take the edge off. It’s helping; stomach sleeping is a thing again.

On that note, the support of an underwire bra is like a much needed hug. My shirts actually fit like they’re supposed to now and I don’t feel like I’m going to knock myself out when I run up the stairs. I call that a win.

It’s great to have a few hours of freedom in the day for ‘me’ time. I have my hands free for the first time in 6 months, especially now when he’s holding his own bottle (which JUST happened as I’m writing this).

Bring re-introduced to the things I wasn’t allowed to have while breastfeeding actually came as a bit of a surprise. I thought I’d be so excited to actually have a glass of wine but it was more of a “Oh yeah, I guess that’s a thing now.” It’s kind of like the moment after you bought your first case of beer after hitting the legal drinking age; sure, it’s exciting the first time but you get over it pretty quick. 

Truthfully, I was more excited at the fact that I could take cold medication…Ugh. Adulting.

Whether I’m taking care of the house, exercising or focusing on my wicked side project (which I’ll be announcing soon!), I feel SO much more productive than before.

Anyway, looking back, I’m so glad we did a full 6 months and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! 

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