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5 Minute Diaper Hacks Anyone Can Do

This is a little different than my normal mom posts, but I thought I’d try something new.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ve been rounding up a bunch of unused diapers that Tavish has grown out of. I’ve been vacuum sealing them, storing them away for the day when number two comes along.

Normally I’m fine with storing something I know I’ll use later, but after packing a huge bags full of them, I decided to experiment.

Disposable diapers are filled with a super-absorbent polymer. These tiny flakes absorb water and prevent nasty diaper rashes but have a bunch of other great uses too!

One size 2 diaper gave me more than enough to make/use each of these.

Extra Moisture in Potting Soil
The primary function of diaper gel is to retain and release water. So when adding it to your soil, it has this awesome side effect of keeping your plants moist. It’s completely biodegradable and safe to use in your gardening!

If you’re like me and are prone to neglecting plants, this will help them live just a bit longer under your care ;).

What you need:
-Disposable diaper
-Potting soil
-Pot (optional)
-Seeds (optional)

How to:
-Take your diaper and run it under the tap until it’s bloated but not leaking.
-Cut open bloated diaper so that gel is accessible
-Add 1 part diaper gel to every 2 parts soil (One diaper can easily water a large pot)
-Mix well

If you’re planting seeds, plant as you normally would once the mixture is ready.

Your plant should stay moist between watering.

Super Speedy Air Freshener
Tired of burning candles? These are great in the warmer months and make great last-minute. They’re also eco-friendly!

What you need:
1 Disposable diaper
1 – 5 Half-pint mason jars with lids
15 – 20 Drops of your favourite essential oil (I used lavender)
Ribbon (optional)

How to:
-Take your diaper and run it under the tap until it’s bloated but not leaking.
-Cut open bloated diaper so that gel is accessible
-Fill jar half way with diaper gel, add essential oil and fill rest of jar
-Mix and pat down gently

If using right away: Cover with tulle, and screw on cap (ring only)

If gifting: Cover in this order; cap, tulle, ring.

I found the scent stayed strong and the gel wet for about a week.
DIY Freezer Packs
Save a couple bucks and try these super easy freezer packs to keep your lunch cool!

What you need:
1 diaper
Ziploc bags

How to:
-Take any size diaper and run it under the tap until it’s bloated but not leaking.
-Cut open bloated diaper and pour hydrogel contents to fill a ziploc bag

You can dye yours blue if you wish but it’s purely aesthetic 🙂

Paper Towels in a Pinch
Move over Bounty! Since diapers are designed to absorb moisture doesn’t it just make perfect sense to use them for cleaning up spills? They’re super absorbent and even give a bit of traction for scrubbing without leaving a bunch of pieces behind.

Winter Decor
Yeah right, the last thing we want to think about in March is winter, but hear me out! If you’re looking to add some snow to a centerpiece, diaper innards look great as a faux snow substitute.

These were the centrepieces at our wedding created by beautiful my sister-in-law. They’re actually done with epsom salts in this picture but diaper gel has a very similar look.

So there we go. My first DIY/Life Hack post. Please give these a try if you’ve got a few minutes and let me know how it went!

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