Who am I?

Within six months I became a wife, bought a house and became a mother.

Before that I self-identified as the geeky, smart ass, metalhead gamer girl who lived for weekends, zombie flicks and pizza nights with my then fiancé. Getting married, buying a house and having kids were always things I wanted but they seemed far off. They were the stuff of shared dreams before bed.

We were living in a tiny basement apartment while we saved for the wedding and a house. When we found out I was pregnant, we got married in February, put a down payment on a house in June and in July we welcomed our first baby.

We started paying bills we never had to think about before, started worrying over things parents worry over and all the while take time for ourselves. Major life changes that take most people years were squeezed into a few months with no gradual learning curve. No slow transition. We had to adult hard.

I’ve learned so far that no matter how insane life can be, things always have a way of working themselves out. I’m a noob mom armed with an infant son, a superhero husband and a crass sense of humour, ready for adventures and eager to share our tales.

This is my sounding board and what I hope will be my link to other moms, friends of moms and moms-to-be who’ve gone through similar ups, downs and wtf moments.

If you’re brave enough to jump into the madness with me, or want something to laugh or argue about, read on!

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