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Amber necklaces: Brilliant or Bull?

I’ve heard people swear by amber necklaces. We’re in the thick of the teething phase now, wading through puddles of drool and waking at cruel intervals throughout the night to shrieks of agony. It can be maddening some nights. So when I heard about these things, I thought, what the hell? Let’s give it a… Continue reading Amber necklaces: Brilliant or Bull?

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The Sleep Battle

The running joke in our house is if Tavish wants siblings, he better start sleeping by himself. Family planning aside, it’s a coin toss whether or not I’ll even sleep beside my husband. He’s been waking up in the middle of the night since early December and will only go back down when he’s next… Continue reading The Sleep Battle

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Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Part I

A bit of an emotional post today and off my normal Friday schedule but now that I’ve discovered the beauty of writing on my phone, we should be a bit more consistent! Aiming for Thursdays and Sundays starting after the holidays.  Merry almost Christmas!  I never imagined giving up breastfeeding would be such a difficult… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Part I