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5 Minute Diaper Hacks Anyone Can Do

This is a little different than my normal mom posts, but I thought I’d try something new. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ve been rounding up a bunch of unused diapers that Tavish has grown out of. I’ve been vacuum sealing them, storing them away for the day when number two comes along. Normally… Continue reading 5 Minute Diaper Hacks Anyone Can Do

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How Being a Mom is Like Life With the Walking Dead

Yes, I went there. My kid started pulling himself up on things, chewing on everything, crawling around and moaning at nothing. Naturally, the first thing I thought of was zombies. Master of Stealth Any loud noise will undoubtedly wake your sleeping walker. You must take every step cautiously to ensure they are undisturbed or misery… Continue reading How Being a Mom is Like Life With the Walking Dead

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Dismissing Mom Guilt: Wine Time

Is it just me or is there a lot of over-sensitivity about making fun of moms for wanting their wine time? I have made a dozen or so jokes about how I can’t wait to crack open a bottle, yes it’s a joke that’s well overdone, but it connects us to other mothers more than… Continue reading Dismissing Mom Guilt: Wine Time


10 Gift Ideas for Your Nurses

Having a last minute C-section would have been terrifying had it not been for my team of nurses. Prior to being admitted to hospital, I had heard horror stories about nurses being quick to judge or rude with their patients. With the things they see, the way they endure patient temperament and worried in-laws, I… Continue reading 10 Gift Ideas for Your Nurses


Fortune-telling via Pee Stick

Whenever I thought about pregnancy or becoming a parent, I always imagined it would be a moment of bliss. We’d shed tears of joy, stare lovingly into each other’s eyes and see a future of possibility. When I found out I actually WAS pregnant there was only the cold terror of a million unknown variables all being calculated… Continue reading Fortune-telling via Pee Stick