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The Sleep Battle

The running joke in our house is if Tavish wants siblings, he better start sleeping by himself. Family planning aside, it’s a coin toss whether or not I’ll even sleep beside my husband. He’s been waking up in the middle of the night since early December and will only go back down when he’s next… Continue reading The Sleep Battle

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C-section Realities No One Tells You

The other day I was asked about my recovery after having a c-section. How traumatic was it? How long did it take to get back on my feet? It made me think of all the crap no one tells you, the little instances of weird and wtf that seem to get swept away in the… Continue reading C-section Realities No One Tells You

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Diaper Count: 0 – 6 Months

One of the things I looked up the most when I was close to my due date was how many diapers I would need. I signed up for all the free samples I could, jumped whenever they came on sale at work but still really didn’t have an idea of how many I would need… Continue reading Diaper Count: 0 – 6 Months

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​CMR Sampler Review and Other Awesome Free Stuff for Moms

There’s an awesome satisfaction in opening the mailbox and finding samples. Even if it’s something you’ll never buy, it’s fun to try something new with no risk. A few weeks ago, I signed up for the CMR (Canadian Mother Resource) sampler club and I recently received my box of goodies! What’s inside? I chose four… Continue reading ​CMR Sampler Review and Other Awesome Free Stuff for Moms

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Product Review: Withings Thermo

I’m a practical kind of girl. I like things that make my life easier, things that work FOR me. My husband knows this and is the same. So when it comes to gift giving, we’re happy to get things like a pair of socks, a toolset or even a thermometer… Happy is putting it lightly.… Continue reading Product Review: Withings Thermo

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Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Part I

A bit of an emotional post today and off my normal Friday schedule but now that I’ve discovered the beauty of writing on my phone, we should be a bit more consistent! Aiming for Thursdays and Sundays starting after the holidays.  Merry almost Christmas!  I never imagined giving up breastfeeding would be such a difficult… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Part I

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Christmas Shopping: The Stroller Obstacle Course

Christmas shopping. We all dread it in some sense; the crowds, the lines, the scrambling. It’s bad enough when we’re on our own (or god forbid, pregnant) but with a baby in a stroller, it can be nightmare. It doesn’t matter where you go, what time of year it is or how wicked your baby… Continue reading Christmas Shopping: The Stroller Obstacle Course